What Is This Journey Manoj?

By - October 22, 2018 - 03:51 PM IST

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The film industry comes across many star kids who are eager to prove their mettle like the elders at their home but the truth remains that unless they are able to win the acceptance of the audience, they cannot survive. You might carry the aura of a film background but that doesn’t last long if you can’t deliver.

Rocking star Manchu Manoj has been attempting very different characters and roles ever since he made his debut but till date he has not been able to score one sizeable hit. The reason for discussion about him is his new decision. Well, Manoj took to his social media handle and announced he is shifting base.

He is moving to Tirupathi which happens to be the Manchu family’s home base and is expected to start a new journey. This got many wondering as to what is this journey Manoj is talking about. While some feel he is going on a road trip with a particular theme, few state he is entering politics. Only Manoj knows the truth.


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