Amala Paul Accuses Her Director

By - October 24, 2018 - 07:06 PM IST

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Many celebrities from various fields are coming out in support of #MeToo campaign. Not just from film industry, but also women from many industries have been speaking about their me too moments. When it comes to film industry, Renowned celebrities from Kollywood including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan & music composer AR Rahman have also lent their support to the ongoing movement.

Now, a Tamil writer and independent filmmaker Leena Manimekalai who alleged that filmmaker Susi Ganeshan had sexually harrassed her in a moving car, has received support from leading actress Amala Paul. Extending her solidarity to Leena, the Naayak heroine has released an official press statement and accused that "Me too despite being the leading actress for Thiruttu Payale2 was subjected to double meaning talks, misrepresented offers and unchivalrous bodily contacts. This pretty much made my experience of shooting TP2, a mentally fatiguing one. I can totally understand what she could have been subjected through."

Few hours after Amala Paul's revelation about how she was also harassed by Susi Ganeshan, the actress came back with a warning tweet: "Just got the shock of my life! @DirectorSusi & @sgmanjari called &I picked up to explain the stand.While I was trying to pacify his wife; Susi strted abusing me&to my surprise his wife strted laughing&they both joined to slut shame me. De feel de can scare me with dese tactics."

Manjari, wife of Susi, responded to accusations of Leena earlier and called her a '#MeToo fraud' and went to demand the writer to reveal when and how her husband misbehaved with her.

Finally, in her press statement, Amala Paul said: "It's high time that government and judicial benches device out a system to address these issues of our society and not let the female work force of future subjected to such harrowing #metoo incidents."

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