Miraculous Cancer Recovery Of Top Actor Irrfan Khan!

By - October 26, 2018 - 10:37 AM IST

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You can be the most powerful man in this world but when fate decides to take you down, there is nothing much you can do. Steve Jobs was the world’s richest but still he could not beat the ailment which took his life. The examples are many and recently one Bollywood actor also gave the scare.

He is none other than the droopy eyed talent Irrfan Khan. He had announced few months ago that he is suffering from a rare form of cancer and as a result he had gone to London for treatment. At one point, there was a strong grapevine that things are getting complicated for him.

However, the latest update from London is that Irrfan is actually doing well as he is responding positively to the treatment. There are also reports that Irrfan is actually out of danger so his fans are rejoicing on hearing this news. While it is not sure when he would return, we are certainly glad to hear this.

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