New Fans For Hot Lady

By - October 28, 2018 - 09:30 AM IST

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Once a heroine reaches the peak of her success and eventually fades out, she is as good as forgotten. It is only a handful of starlets who reach an iconic stage and remain in the hearts of cine buffs forever. While that is the general trend, one heroine who was at the top long ago and is now on verge of retirement is breaking the jinx.

She is none other than the sexy hip beauty Ileana. It has been quite a while since Ileana has been seen in Telugu screens but the admiration for her has been there in the Telugu crowds. Recently Ileana gave a pleasant jolt to everyone when she was spotted buying vegetables from a street vendor in Bandra, Mumbai.

More than her act of buying veggies, it is the new look of Ileana which squeezed hearts. News fans have started forming for her new pictures. She has put on weight at the right places and her hourglass waist is gone. As a result, even those in 30s along with the youngsters are getting connected to this Goan beauty.

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