#MeToo: Who Are Real Victims?

By - October 30, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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There is a lot that has been happening regarding the #MeToo controversy and whether it is really serving any purpose or not, it is certainly causing a lot of trauma and embarrassment to many popular figures. While the issue is still hot, a question of truth is now coming up, who are the real victims in all this.

One group is asking is it the women who got victimized and have been suffering in silence for many years. Fact of the matter is, we are not even certain whether the real victims have actually come into the open. Their sense of self respect and dignity may have told them to come to terms with whatever happened.

Another group is asking, is it the person who actually resorted to some exploitation that is the victim. Points to be considered here is, how much of an injustice he did, with what intention he did it and is it really the man who did it, what were the circumstances, what was the accuser’s standpoint at that time. You decide!

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