No Legal Support For Telugu Lyricist Kulasekhar?

By - November 01, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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You may not be a very influential person or a well known personality in the society but you would have some influence to at least avoid few situations with the law. Such a thing is possible in India but can you imagine a well known lyricist sitting helplessly in the jail without any legal support? It is happening now.

One of the sought after lyricists at one point, Kulasekhar, is in jail right now. Sources say his family doesn’t have money to get a lawyer and get him bail. Recently he was in six months jail for stealing the ‘Satagopuram’ at Hanuman temple. In today’s legal system getting bail is just a cakewalk for such cases.

At a time when those who have indulged in murder and bigger thefts are walking scot free Kulasekhar is suffering like this. He is not a unknown person, he wrote all the songs for Teja-R P Patnaik projects and some of them became chartbusters. But this only goes to show how fate can go really bad at times.


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