Soul Missing In This Retro Song

By - October 31, 2018 - 09:58 AM IST

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Watching a song or a scene that takes you back in time always brings a nostalgic feeling and to those who have lived to see that time would feel doubly delighted. Hence, whenever something retro comes they are all ears and eyes. This concept was used by director Chandoo Mondeti for his new movie ‘Savyasachi’.

He has unveiled the new song ‘1980,81,82..’ and true to the title the entire song revolves around how times and life was during that time. Melody king Keeravani has composed the tune and while the visuals are certainly captivating it appears the song failed to excite the listeners. They are saying the soul is missing.

Most importantly, they feel the lyrics should have been more carefully written and gave that required touch. While it is not sure whether it is a situational song or something imaginary, the duration is going to give a new experience to the viewers. On the listening part, they may not give much marks to it.

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