Pawan Kalyan Walks In Modi's Way

By - November 01, 2018 - 03:23 PM IST

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Gone are the days when we can look at Power Star Pawan Kalyan and speak to him in cinematic context. These days, whatever Pawan does has to be looked at in a political perspective because he has been concentrating on public service and is doing extensive work through his party Jana Sena. Here is another observation.

It appears Pawan seems to be walking in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s way. Apparently, Modi relies a lot on using social media for his branding and projecting about his works and initiatives. This platform has actually created a strong brand value and trust factor for Modi and he has been riding on that since long.

Now, Pawan has taken that approach and he has joined Facebook recently. It is being noticed that he is using social media extensively like Modi and this is also creating a good vibe among his fans and followers. From his end, Pawan seems to be trying hard to generate some traction using Modi’s strategy so let us wish this works.

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