Ileana Tsunami Inundates Tollywood?

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In the journey of every star heroine, there is that phase when she reaches the peak of her fame and following and that phase happens only once. And after that phase is completed, these starlets tend to eventually pair up with tier two heroes or the senior stars who always struggle to find the right kind of leading ladies.

However, can you imagine a heroine who was at the top nearly six to seven years ago and making a comeback with a bang? It seems to be happening now with the sexy hip beauty Ileana. She is coming back with the movie ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ and those who saw her in the teaser are going wow about her.

The question of truth is, will Ileana grab offers and inundate Tollywood in her Tsunami? If that happens it would be a wonder and this is going to be a rare incident because it never happened before. Let us wish this happens because right now Ileana looks juicy and sweet and it would be delight to watch her more.

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