Is Nagarjuna Sentimental?

By - November 05, 2018 - 07:30 PM IST

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Most of the times you hear about how the folks of the film fraternity are very practical without any sentiments. The only place where they show some sentiment is while making a film and how it leads to some success. In that, king Akkineni Nagarjuna is known to be someone who is extremely brainy and logical.

It is heard that his brain works razor sharp and he shows no softness when it comes to deals and film related people. However, it appears there is another side which not many know. Nag has a bonding with few people and he doesn’t hesitate going out of his way. One news making rounds in Filmnagar is about his friend.

We are talking about the noted producer D Shivaprasad Reddy who passed recently. It is heard that Shivaprasad Reddy was in the midst of penning a book which also spoke about his bonding with Nag. The book is now 70% complete and Shivaprasad Reddy is no more. Still, Nag has reportedly decided to enter the picture and complete the book as a great tribute to his friend. This only goes to show how Nag is also a sentimental man.

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