Secret Behind NTR's 3rd Biopic?

By - November 08, 2018 - 11:55 AM IST

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Speaking about the great N T Rama Rao, currently a biopic is on being helmed by the intellectual filmmaker Krish. But few months ago when this project was announced, the eccentric RGV also announced a similar one and a third one came from Kethireddy Jagadeeswar Reddy. He announced his film is ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’.

With passing of time, Krish and RGV have continued doing their project but after the announcement Kethireddy became silent. So, here is the secret behind this silence. At that time even NBK’s movie didn’t take off and RGV announced his movie. Once he announced, talks began making rounds that disturbance is happening.

At that time the makers of the first biopic only made Kethireddy give the announcement to put a check on RGV and disturb him. RGV stopped the movie and it is only now he restarted it. Now, the reason for Kethireddy’s silence is, anyways NTR Biopic is arriving and nobody knows if RGV will make his movie or when he will release. Since the job is done he has gone silent.

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