Periodic Touch To Nani's Film

By - November 13, 2018 - 11:00 AM IST

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It appears the filmmakers in the Telugu circuit have discovered a technique to grab attention of the audience and score well at the box office. Well, the idea is simple, it doesn’t matter what kind of story is baked, as long as it is made in a period backdrop it is going to hold a lot of interest and create a new experience for the audience.

Most of the period movies that you have watched in recent times don’t really hold great depth in the plot or storyline but it is the backdrop which engages the viewer. Akin to that, it is now being reported that even Natural Star Nani has joined the bandwagon. It is known that Nani’s next happens to be ‘Jersey’.

This is a cricket based film and here is an interesting update. It is heard that the entire story of the movie would be running between 1986 to 1996 i.e thirty years ago. Buzz is that Nani’s name would be Arjun in the film and he plays the role of an aspiring cricketer dreaming to play for India at the age of 30. Let us see how this one goes then.


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