Keerthy Suresh's Surprising Future Goal

By - November 14, 2018 - 10:59 AM IST

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When you look at the path of all the top league heroines, the pattern is quite similar. Once they pass their prime, they find a rich businessman and get married or they come back for a second innings and work with senior heroes. Few other starlets eventually branch out to other businesses and settle peacefully.

But for the first time one top heroine has shared her future goal which is somewhat surprising and shocking. She is none other than cutie pie Keerthy Suresh and recently she got to share her future goal. Well, it is heard that Keerthy wants to become a director and she has declared she is going to get into film direction for sure.

Buzz is that this cutie has the habit of writing poetry and scripts during her free time. Given that, it is also clear Keerthy doesn’t need any stories from outside as she herself has been penning a few. If all this happens, it would be the first time a top range heroine would be wielding the megaphone. Good luck for that Keerthy!

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