Where Are The 24 Kisses?

By - November 15, 2018 - 12:29 PM IST

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The fundamental rule for the success of a film is proper pre release promotions and whenever the makers decide to start the campaign they need to ensure the campaign happens regularly so that the interest element is maintained till the release. Those films which failed to meet this criterion turned out to be duds at the box office.

Few months ago, one film of Hebah Patel grabbed a lot of attention and especially that of the youth and the masses. Since then, these two genres of audience have been eagerly waiting for the film’s arrival and are now going through confusion. Apparently, a film by the title of ’24 Kisses’ caught an instant attraction and attention.

The fact that the movie’s poster was quite bold promised some raunchy stuff for the viewers. However, the film which was due for release during Diwali has been postponed and this is the second time it is happening. And whenever a film keeps getting postponed a few times, it creates a very negative impact so hope these kisses come out soon.

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