Controversial Elements In 'Operation 2019' Movie?

By - November 16, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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Irrespective of whether the content is great or not, there are those times when certain movies work at the box office purely due to the controversy element. In fact, there are also those teams which deliberately plan to come up with a controversy as they know it is going to create good mileage for them.

But sometimes, few movies contain enough stuff that can cause a rage. This is the inside news coming from those who watched few rushes of the movie ‘Operation 2019’. To be honest, the day the film releases, it would exit the theatres in the same weekend. The fact that Family Star Srikanth is the hero won’t change a thing.

However, things are expected to be different this time because there are few bold and controversial scenes questioning the psyche of the people. From his end, Srikanth is reportedly super confident the film would work. As long as the controversy is well within the limits the film has chances of working. This is helmed by Karanam Babji.


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