Hero Blasting The Director

By - November 19, 2018 - 03:05 PM IST

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There are those situations wherein a director narrates the story in such a way that you can fix up the movie is going to work. However, once the final product hits the screen, you will know what the difference is. Obviously when you are working on something with good passion and it gets backfired, it is natural to get irritated.

Similar to that, one big hero has been going through a series of flops and he had pinned his hopes strongly on his latest release. The hero worked with the said director and his movie came out recently. It became a big flop and also the way he had narrated the story, the big hero was very sure it is going to work.

Well, the film is out and it became a disaster. It is heard that the big hero is totally miffed with the outcome. He didn’t like the way the film has come and so he is blasting the director off the record. Given the fact that the director is the captain of the ship and this director spoiled a golden opportunity, he deserves to be blasted.


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