New Game Of Bigg Boss Kaushal

By - November 20, 2018 - 10:23 AM IST

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It has been quite a while since TV artiste cum model Kaushal Manda became the winner of the most talked about reality show Bigg Boss 2. As soon as that happened, many expected Kaushal to go in a full swing and sign up movies followed by many endorsements. However, this man took a very reverse route.

Kaushal has been going to various places across the Telugu states and celebrating with his fans on the Bigg Boss success. Now, he is resorting to a new game. Apparently, the Kaushal army foundation is said to have decided to get into film production and some of them would feature Kaushal as the hero.

It is also heard that Kaushal’s wife Neelima would be the producer and whatever revenue gets generated from these movies would be used for charity works. Those who could read between the lines are saying Kaushal seems to be keen on getting into politics at a later stage in life and hence he is setting the ground like this.

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