Nani's Strategy For 'Jersey'

By - November 22, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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After going through his share of small budget movies, Natural Star Nani rose to great heights and today he is quite a bankable star. The other advantage with him is, Nani enjoys a strong following among the NRI audience so he is a key person for business at the overseas box office. Despite all the plusses, here is the fact.

Nani has not been able to score a hit that suits his stamina and caliber and in fact he has been going through few flops. As a result, Nani has now come up with a strategy which could make his upcoming venture a profitable one. We are talking about the movie ‘Jersey’ and here is the thing. Nani has decided to shoot the film nonstop.

This means the shooting breaks are extremely brief and the talkie part would be wrapped up quickly. Due to this, the making cost comes down a lot and saves a lot of budget. As a result, the buyers and exhibitors would be having better percentage of recovery and profits even if the film gets average rating. Good move Nani!


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