Biggest Problem With '2.0' film

By - November 27, 2018 - 10:00 AM IST

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Right now there are only two things that are being discussed very hotly among the people of both the states. First, it is the upcoming elections and the analysis and second, it is the most anticipated and talked about movie ‘2.0’. This is touted as the most expensive movie ever made in India and has Style Samrat Rajnikanth.

The film is locked for release on November 29th and it also has Bollywood’s charming star Akshay Kumar as the antagonist. Now, the point being discussed about this movie is the appeal. Ever since the trailer has come, the common opinion being generated is, there is no emotional connect in it and the soul is missing completely.

The fact that there seems to be not much of drama or emotion and the majority of scenes are loaded with graphics, the film seems to be far away from reality and nativity. Yet, the film’s director Shankar has the habit of coming up with an ace at the end of the show so let us wish he has kept something like that in this as well.


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