Top Heroine Wants De-Glam Only

By - November 28, 2018 - 02:00 PM IST

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As you keep climbing the ladder of your career doing good movies, your requirement as a heroine also changes. You are expected to go more glamorous and be ready to ooze the sex appeal wherever required. This is because a lot of glamour quotient in the movie rests on the leading heroine. But here is the twist in the tale.

One heroine who is currently on the top has reportedly declared she would want to do only roles that are completely content driven. In fact, she is more eager to do roles which are total deglam and is not that keen on doing roles which expect her to wear skimpy costumes or keep dancing whenever required.

She is none other than cutie pie Keerthy Suresh and recently she got to share those thoughts in an interview. Those who heard this are saying all this is due to the hangover of the blockbuster biopic ‘Mahanati’ which gave immense repute and aura to Keerthy. While she seems determined, only time will reveal how this will work.


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