National Award For '2.0'?

By - November 30, 2018 - 10:30 AM IST

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Scoring a hit at the box office and winning the praises from film fraternity and the public alike might be somewhat easy but if one has to get the National Award, the challenges and expectations are high. It takes a really worthy movie to get into the attention of the National Awards jury. Now, one latest release is being put there.

We are talking about the movie ‘2.0’ and the big discussion is, will the jury give a national award for this movie. Some are saying there is good content and it is message-oriented so it is going to excite the jury members. However, some say it would not work because director Shankar has blasted the system to bits.

Apparently, he attacked the government and system quoting by giving permission to too many cell towers India is beating US and China. This is ridiculous because advanced countries and most populated countries are also being careful about the environment. In India, there are too many network providers. Also, high-frequency networks are being increased and birds are getting killed. They are not following TRAI guidelines which is a shame. In all this, we have to see how ‘2.0’ will go about.


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