Singer Baby Earns Rs 15,000 Per Song

By - December 02, 2018 - 02:00 PM IST

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The only name that is being chanted everywhere in Filmnagar is that of the singer Baby. Just a few days ago she was a routine agricultural labourer working somewhere in the remote village of Godavari district. Cut to the present, she has become the hottest property in Telugu tinsel town with song offers to flood.

Apparently, one video of Baby singing a song went viral in such a way that she has become a sensation. Now, Baby is busy running around different recording studios and crooning. While that is one element of surprise, here is the best part. Normally, the competition among singers is so high that they will sing one song even for 5k.

However, Baby seems to have made a direct entry into platinum grade because it is heard that for each song she is getting anywhere between 15k to 25k. She has already completed singing for music directors like Raghu Kunche. All that remains to be seen is how the public will receive her voice and if she clicks she would become a star singer.


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