Tamil Netizens Sarcastic Videos On Rajamouli

By - December 01, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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Rival wars between fans of heroes are quite common and it is a notch higher in the state of Tamil Nadu. The kind of fanaticism fans have for their heroes makes them stoop to any level. And ever since social media has invaded this world, it has become the best platform to target just about anyone and everyone.

Normally, such mock videos are made on heroes but this time the cine buffs of Tamil Nadu targeted our tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. In the Tamil movie ‘Annamalai’ actor Sarath Babu would be sitting in one scene and sitting on a chair. At that point, style samrat Rajnikanth comes donning a suit.

He lights up a cigar and smokes on Sarath’s face lightly. So, in the place of Sarath Babu, Rajamouli’s face was put and in the place of Rajini, Shankar’s face was put. All this was to imply how Shankar got past Rajamouli with his movie ‘2.0’. They have trolled it a lot during the first day and now reverse is likely to happen because the collections have plunged.

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