Actress Implies 'No To #MeToo'

By - December 03, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST

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'Mee Too' campaign can be termed as a campaign of 2018. Many actresses and technicians working in the film industry have come into the light to complain about men who troubled them in the past. This shocked many in the Indian film industry as many big names have come out in this murky allegation.

While many heroes also came forward to support #MeToo voluntarily some preferred to be silent on it. But an actress opened up in a rational way. She is none other than Poorna who acted in films like "Jayammu Nischayammura" and a couple of Ravi Babu's films. She said that many are not talking to my post #metoo controversies, though I never made my presence in it. The men those who were close with me started keeping me away and stopped chatting on whatsapp as well.

She says that #MeToo in one way creating a problem for all the women in general, though there is a need for the movement in the interest of some. This shows that Purna is not so keen on #MeToo which implies she is not troublesome as a few men are supposing. We have to see if this brings some new opportunities for the actress as the #MeToo supporters are losing.

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