Is Rajnikanth Losing Hold At Tamil Box Office?

By - December 05, 2018 - 11:30 AM IST

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Looking at the collections of high expected 2.0 with Shankar & Rajnikanth combination who had the ultra blockbuster in Tamil with "Robot" when they combined earlier, it has to be believed that Rajnikanth is losing his box office pull nowadays.

Ever Since Rajnikanth announced his joining in politics, all of the movies released afterward is bombing at the box office one after another, though 2.0 can't be called as a failure. But it is also cannot be treated as a bumper hit as expected. People in film industry is believing that the followers of the hero are decreasing ever since he joined politics.

Another crucial point to be noted is that the collections of Telugu version of "2.0" are better than that of Tamil version. So, Rajni seems to be losing grip home front though it is intact outside. Well, the collections of 2.0 are not showing potential to do break even this week. Things may change only if this coming weekend records packed houses across the nation.

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