Ram Gopal Varma Proves Voters Are Fools

By - December 06, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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RGV has no reservations. He is ready for any kind of publicity. Freshly he joined TV9 Jaffar and roamed around the roads of Hyderabad interviewing random people in city buses and pan shops about their awareness in electing their leaders.

The name of the program was "Voteru Mioorkhuda?". But some voters took it offensive to RGV calling them "moorkhulu". This innovative yet bold program was aired on TV9 last night and is available online as well. RGV, the maverick filmmaker proves that he is maverick in every act of his. 

While many enjoyed the program, some people felt that the director wouldn't have done this for the range and elan he acquired in these many years as a talented filmmaker and philosopher.

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