BiggBossWinner#1 Has Celeb Following

By - December 08, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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Actor Siva Balaji’s fading career got a huge boost when he won Big Boss first season hosted by Young Tiger NTR. Siva Balaji with his friendly nature and jovial attitude won the hearts of all and even the coveted crown of Big Boss.  

However with even the participants of Big Boss 2 not getting media limelight as expected earlier, many thought Siva Balaji will not be recognised. However, much to the surprise of all, Siva Balaji got immense media attention when he went to cast his vote yesterday for the assembly elections in Telangana in his constituency. Not only the media took him by surprise, covering each and every move ever since he entered the venue but also security who was present there competed to shake hands with him and ensure that he had a hassle-free moment while casting his vote.

They celebrated Siva Balaji’s arrival akin to top star’s arrival and even enjoyed having fan moment with him taking selfies and interacting with him. This media attention came as a surprise to Siva Balaji too. Siva Balaji got extremely delighted and enjoyed all media limelight which he never expected in his heart of hearts.

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