Dreams Of Young Hero Shattered

By - December 10, 2018 - 11:58 AM IST

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Young Tollywood hero Sundeep Kishan with his powerful film background had a decent start to his career by starring in Prasthanam. When he scored a hit with Venkatadri Express, many felt that he will reach the next level of stardom.

From then on, however, for the last five years, he failed to get a decent hit. When he got the golden opportunity to romance Milky White Beauty Tamannaah and that too under renowned Bollywood director Kunal Kohli, people felt that this could be the film he has been waiting for. However, all his dreams got shattered when his film Next Enti got a disaster talk. Tamannaah has nothing to lose as she has seen the success and stardom by attaining immense name and fame.

Critics ripped apart the film’s content and also the performances of the entire cast. Sundeep Kishan was not spared and this came as a shock for him. The film ended up testing the patience of the viewers and some even claim that they were so much that they had to bang the exit doors in theatres to escape from the torture. Critics feel that Sundeep Kishan’s career is now at crossroads and he needs a quick turn around.

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