Rajamouli Is Safe- Rest Are Gone

By - December 10, 2018 - 05:41 PM IST

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People of Telangana voted with great interest and enthusiasm couple of days back to elect the new government. But what is surprising all is, while some educated lot and the so-called great Software engineers chose to stay away from voting, others who showed interest and walked down all their way to the voting booths, got a shock when they found that their names are missing from the voters' list.

It is known that Tollywood Jakkana Rajamouli wrapped up the first schedule of his upcoming multi starrer RRR with Ram Charan and NTR and gave a break on the polling day so that everyone could cast their vote. Rajamouli who asked everyone to vote on social media cast his vote. But what came as a shocker is except for Rajamouli’s name, names of the other residents in the apartments he lives went missing. Rajamouli stays in JMR White Lotus in Manikonda.

He has his office and residence in the same apartment. The apartment has 30 flats and much to the surprise of all, except for Rajamouli’s vote, the names of other residents of the flats were not found in the voters' list. Many feel that the officials included Rajamouli’s name as otherwise it would have led to a huge controversy. Rumours are spreading that some influential few ensured that the names of the residents get excluded for their vested interests.

However, it is a million dollar question as to how only Rajamouli’s name is present in the list while the names of all other residents of the 30 flats in the apartment went missing.

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