Nagababu Results In Kamma-Kapu Feud?

By - December 11, 2018 - 10:32 AM IST

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Analysts and all right-thinking persons are expressing fear and raising serious concerns whether Mega Brother Naga Babu's recent actions and shocking comments will result in deadly Kamma-Kapu feud. It is known that Naga Babu's comments in a youtube channel in an interview, shocked all by questioning 'Who is Balakrishna?" and remarking ' I do not know any Balakrishna".

In the interview, he came with satires when the host asked about Natasimha Balakrishna. In the first video Naga Babu said he does not know Balakrishna, and then took the name of yesteryear comedian Balakrishna. Later he came with another video in which he said that' I came to know from my friends that my comments saying I am unaware of Balakrishna, hurt some people. My words are completely wrong". Many thought that Naga Babu is all set to change his words and tender unconditional apology.

But then he came with another sensational twist saying " Very few persons rarely do comedy like Balakrishna. His action, expressions is very good. He makes everyone roll down with laughter and it is my mistake that I told that I am unaware of the great comedian Balakrishna who acted along with Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Garu". : Later he showed a snap of a person and told that till now I am talking about Valluri Balakrishna and he is the great comedian.

Tempers may increase as political heat is rising in Andhra Pradesh which is going to elections in 2019. Already war of words is underway between Nandamuri fans and Mega fans and this may lead to intense discussion among TDP and Jana Sena circles.

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