Renu Desai's Poetry Book In Discussion

By - December 11, 2018 - 02:39 PM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan's former wife Renu Desai sometime back announced that she is all set to start a new life by ending her ordeal as a single mom by entering into wedlock once again. She maintained secrecy over her life partner much to the surprise of all.

Everyone knows that Renu Desai is a good poetess. Renu who used to post some beautiful thought-provoking poems on social media now came with a book which is a compilation of her poems. The book is titled 'A Love-Unconditional' and popular lyricist Anantha Sriram translated Renu Desai's 38 poems into Telugu.

Fans of Pawan Kalyan obviously got interested in the book and on Renu's poems. But those who read Renu Desai's poems, much to the surprise felt that she did not refer anything in any manner about her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan with whom she shared a relationship for 12 years.

She did not refer to any of her relationship with Pawan Kalyan or her association with him. The book only has her poems and her feelings on love. There is no rule that since Renu came with this book, it should have references to Pawan Kalyan. Both are taking their personal life according to their likes and dislikes. So it is not right to express doubts as to why Renu Desai did not speak about Pawan Kalyan. Pawan fans, however, are reminding that Renu sometime back shared Jhonny working still, in which both romanced with each other.

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