Director's Sensational Comments On KCR

By - December 13, 2018 - 04:15 PM IST

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Director Ram Gopal Varma long time back lost his seen on the silver screen. However, he still has a lot of fan following and this is due to his witty comments and posts on social media. The entertainment and excitement he gives to all with his energetic posts on social media are immense and people love him for that.

Many of his comments turn out to be extremely interesting. However, during the last few years, he crossed the limits and got entangled in unnecessary controversy poking into issues that flareup extreme sentiments and emotions. Nowadays, people are not giving that important to his comments. They sidelined him ever since he self-demolished his image instigating SriReddy in casting couch issue involving Power Star Pawan Kalyan. In the midst of all this, his Officer with King Nagarjuna turned out to be a disaster of the disasters.

So RGV slowed down considerably and even became silent on twitter. He stayed away from making controversial comments but has been trying to be in the media limelight with films like BhairavaGeeta and Lakshmi's NTR. Now he is once again started responding on issues other than films. Recently he showered praises on KCR following his resounding victory in Telangana elections.

He posted ‘[email protected], ur father KCR is not 2.0 but he is 20.0times @rajinikanth 200.0 times @urstrulyMahesh and 2000.0 times bigger than @cbn” and when KTR replied back saying 'I always knew that. What took you so long to figure that Ramu Garu,' RGV who is not the one to take anything lying down came with another sensation. He posted "Well I guess I was dumb! Anyway here 's 2.0 billion cheers to u and ur dad. I always maintained that KCR was more beautiful than all heroines but now I think he's more handsome than all heroes and more attractive than all of Himalayas. If Modi put the tallest statue in Gujarat, Telangana should put 2.0 times higher statue of KCR.

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