Lakshmi's NTR: It's On The Necks Of A Few

By - December 16, 2018 - 02:00 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma is known for his penchant to hog the media limelight and in order to do so, he either talks about the controversial happenings across the world or if nothing happens, he himself creates a controversy.

NTR biopic undertaken in a prestigious manner by Natasimha Balakrishna provided him with that golden opportunity. When the talk of Balakrishna planning NTR biopic to pay floral tributes to his dad happened, then RGV tried his best to be the director of the film. Many thought Balakrishna would oblige, but at the last moment, he gave him a shock by announcing the biopic with Teja as director. It is another fact that Balakrishna replaced Teja with Krish.

Within moments of this development, RGV shocked all by announcing his project, Lakshmi's NTR and claimed that he would reveal all the happenings in NTR's life ever since the entry of Lakshmi Parvathi as his second wife. RGV with his actions became a thorn in Balakrishna's flesh as Balakrishna is planning to skip the controversial happenings like Chandra Babu's coup against NTR and NTR family members going against NTR at that time.

Now an anchor asked about the status of Lakshmi's NTR. He gave a sensational reply that 'It's on the necks of a few". When persisted when the film would be released, he said he will release once it is completed. Rumours are spreading that RGV is including many controversial scenes in the film which may hurt the sentiments of some section of people but it is not clear what those scenes are and how it will hurt the sentiments.

All eyes are on RGV as to whether he will reveal some secrets about Lakshmi's NTR as Balakrishna's NTR biopic Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu is celebrating the audio launch in a couple of weeks from now. RGV except for releasing a poster which created a sensation did not reveal the actors who are playing the roles of Lakshmi Parvathi and NTR.

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