Prasad Multiplex: The Most Desirable

By - December 17, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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City of Hyderabad and other parts in two Telugu states are witnessing many multiplexes coming out much to the surprise of everyone. Recently Super Star Mahesh Babu entered into multiplex business and started his own multiplex along with Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas at AMB Mall, Gachibowli.

Mahesh Babu’s multiplex is flooring all with its state of the art features and for presenting world-class experience with regards to movie watching. But despite all the facilities and the growing number of multiplexes in Hyderabad, many still feel that Prasad Multiplex is the most desirable among Hyderabadis.

This because, Prasad Multiplex is located at the heart of the city, NTR Gardens and is easily approachable. Apart from it, the ambience and also the affordable prices of the snacks and beverages makes it the most popular destination for movie watching among people of the city.

Though other multiplexes like PVR, GVK, In Orbit etc are there, the high rates for eatables are preventing movie lovers from going there. Apart from it, shows start early at 8.45 AM during Fridays and by the time they watch the first show in other multiplexes, one show would be completed in Prasad I Max.

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