Confusion: Election Code On NTR Biopic Film

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Natasimha Balakrishna's plans of paying floral tributes to his dad NTR on the silver screen in am extravagant manner has been hitting the roadblock in one or the other form. When the biopic was launched, opponents warned him against showing their family members, contemporaries of NTR in a negative manner.

Right after TDP-Congress alliance, rumours spread that even NTR's known anti-Congress tirade and Andhrula Atma Gouravam will not be shown. It is known that the film is releasing in two parts as Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu. The makers even changed their plans of grand audio launch on Hyderabad following the return of TRS to power as Balakrishna during election campaign made distasteful comments against them.

Now the film's second part Mahanayakudu is facing tensions over election code which may delay its planned release in February. The makers earlier planned to release the two parts on Jan 9 and Jan 25 respectively, but later felt that it's too short to recover the budget. Now plans to release in Feb is giving tensions as the country is heading for midterm elections and EC may announce the schedule in FEB. This enforces code of conduct and any criticism will pass through strict scrutiny. But there is confusion also over the code as nowhere or is heard that code is applicable for films and that too for months. Generally, election code applies only for three days and only for political parties.

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