Why Antariksham Failed ?

By - December 24, 2018 - 12:32 PM IST

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"Antariksham", the much hyped film has toppled at the box office despite hitting the screen with good star cast and a promising director. The reasons can be attributed to many as a postmortem analysis. Some say that it's not accepted by B and C center audience, and some linked it to the lack of emotional connect etc.

A few said that the director is not creative enough to bring in emotion in a story that runs in single location. But how could he do "Ghazi Attack" with such elan and win awards and words of high praise? Here is a new point of discussion. Some say that "Ghazi Attack" is directly inspired from the old German film "Das Bot" and so the director Sankalp Reddy didn't tax much on it, but Antariksham is an original creation and so lacked in detailing thus failing to bring in emotion.

Well, Sankalp has to respond on the reasons for not bringing in the emotion in Antariksham on par with that of Ghazi Attack.

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