30 Years Prithvi: 'What Is Her Rate?'

By - December 29, 2018 - 01:45 PM IST

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Politics these days has become a field of allegations and counter-allegations; dirty talk and counter dirty talk; nuisance and counter nuisance.

As dialogue in a film goes, "Janatha ko ab entertainment chahiye;development nahin" (people need entertainment but not development), it goes without saying that the newsmakers these days are nuisance makers but not the real development seekers. Freshly 30 years Prithvi in an interview said, "There is one Yamini in TDP. She called Pawan Kalyan as pawala Kalyan. How can she say that? If Pawan Kalyan is pawala then what is her rate?"

This talk on a web TV interview by 30 years Prithvi, wearing an Ayyappa mala has shocked many. It is really a surprising thing to see a noted actor talking about a woman like that. We need not wait to see what happens next. Yamini will automatically give counter for this.

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