Lavanya's Perfect Counter To A Vulgar Comment !

By - December 30, 2018 - 02:49 PM IST

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These days everyone has access to a smartphone and a speedy internet connection. So, each and everyone is following the social media keenly and actively. Following all the celebrities on Twitter and Facebook has become a trend among the youth. But, sometimes people do some mischievous things and gets caught !!

Recently, Actress Lavanya Tripathi had posted a picture of herself on Twitter. One of the comments on that picture is so vulgar. He said "Knchm kindhaki pedthe bagundedhi." Generally, heroines avoid these kinds of comments but Lavanya Tripathi replied in her own style. She said, "Ni thinking already kindhaki undhi, so na full picture pettina, mi thought process kanna payike untadhi..."

We should definitely appreciate the courageous act of Lavanya and it would be better people avoid this kind of nasty comments.

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