Why Nutan Naidu Absent In F2 Audio?

By - December 31, 2018 - 12:36 PM IST

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Nutan Naidu, the sudden celebrity of the year 2018 who has seen light with the Bigg Boss#2 show on MAA TV, has become a film actor with F2 as per the sources.

But he was not seen on the dais of the audio event of F2 that was held in Vizag on the evening of 30th Dec. In fact, Nutan Naidu hails from Vizag and there is no chance for him to miss the event. He is also a good speaker and loves to be an orator from the dais as well. No one knows why he was not seen.

A source says that Nutan Naidu is not part of the film at all, but a few started biting ears stating that he was not invited for the event. Whereas some others are saying that he is abroad on his business need and hence couldn't turn up to the event. We have to wait to know the actual truth.

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