Big Director's Special Interest On TV Star!

By - January 10, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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The star director who delivered the biggest hit last year is well known to make some brilliant movies. His last project featuring a star hero of TFI also went on to do humongous business at the box-office as well. He boarded a leading Telugu host for a crucial role in that project and brought in high fame and popularity for her.

Currently, the director in question is working on finalizing the script for his new film, with a star actor of Tollywood. The activities of a married man, having two children, is being widely discussed in the Film Nagar. Reports reveal that the star filmmaker is in a deep relationship with the TV host and willing to offer another plummy role in his next movie also. The starlet of Television, who also is a married woman with two children, is quite selective about her movie offers. But, given the brilliance of that filmmaker and the commitment with him, she is expected to readily agree for any kind of role she is offered. 

Such relationships are part and parcel of the film industry and are considered common, but since both are married and settled with their partners, their rumoured 'relationship' is hitting the gossip mill.

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