Balakrishna's Behaviour Speaks

By - January 14, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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Balakrishna is one of the superstars in Tollywood, but he is just simple with his new film. He is maintaining different body language recent times, which is a shocking thing for everyone.

Balakrishna is known for his arrogant nature, but the change is clear. NTR’s Balakrishna is completely different. When asked about Balakrishna’s change, his close aides saying that Balakrishna is completely changed for NTR Biopic. Some are revealing the secret as ‘Balakrishna is in Deeksha. The film NTR biopic is special for him. That’s why he is maintaining poise and not projecting his natural arrogant style. It’s a son’s greatest tribute to his father’ they stressed.

From the beginning of the promotions for NTR biopic, Balayya is completely changed. We can easily notice it, while he was on the stage of NTR biopic pre-release function. His down to earth style, his approach to his seniors, his communication with juniors – everything is perfect.

Balakrishna is not even responding aggressively when Nagababu blasted him on social media. While answering to media about Nagababu, Balakrishna simply smiled and said ‘no comments’. Yes, Balakrishna is completely changed for his father Late NTR. Yes, behaviour speaks.


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