Is She Rakul Or Sri Reddy?

By - January 18, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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Many of the glamorous beauties never care about negative comments which came from trollers via social media for their hot acts. But Rakul responded seriously about negative trolling on her.

She gave a vulgar counter to the one, who questioned Rakul and did some nasty comments about her. That’s why Rakul reacted very seriously and posted a retort. After that trolling reached next level against Rakul Preet Singh, with ‘sickmindRakul’ hashtag in Social Media. Analyzing the total episode, we can find vulgar comment against Rakul was sidelined and her vulgar comment was highlighted.

Nasty and Dirty people will always do vulgar things via social media. But, why Rakul lost her control? It is now in discussion. Nobody came to rescue Rakul in the episode. All fingers are showing Rakul’s over smartness and temperament. It is real nightmare for Rakul Preet Singh. Has she turned as another Sri Reddy is the discussion among the folks around?

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