F3: Mixture Of BMBB And Lucky Chance?

By - January 21, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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Can anyone guess the story of F3, which will be the sequel of recent Sankranthi hit film F2? When F2 director Anil Ravipudi announced the sequel, many started speculating about F3 in many ways. As of now, Anil Ravipudi confirmed the sequel and the Co-Brothers of F2 said ok for F3.

On the other hand, many are cooking F3 story. in one story some enthusiasts mixed two movies; Lucky Chance and Bamma Mata Bangaru Bata. Rajendra Prasad acted in these two movies earlier, which were super hits. The story will run in India and UAE as well. Differences grow up between Venky and Varun’s families and both distance from each other due to Venky's children. One family settles in UAE and the other stays in India. On the other hand, due to property issues, both families are forced to come closer. Varun is forced to bring a kid and pretend he is his own. 

All this is for the sake of property. What happened then? That is the remaining story. The main conflict stands between property and kids. This is the brief of the story which is circulating in social media. Is Anil Ravipudi hearing? Cooking cinema stories in Social media is not new. Earlier it happened for many movies. Now F2 also joins the list.

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