Kajal To Get Married To A Business Man

By - January 25, 2019 - 11:14 AM IST

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Reporters have been asking Kajal about her wedding plans for a long time and whenever they get to meet her. Just like every other time, she has been skipping the question and has been in news for that.

She was asked the question repeatedly as her little sister and Solo movie heroine Isha Agarwal is married and is also having a kid. At her recent interview, Kajal said that she doesn’t have any plans for the wedding as of now as she is busy focusing on her career right now. Let us tell you something. Sometime back, Kajal was in love with a common man and they broke up due to differences between them and as she too was busy with her career choices. She also said that she was feeling very low at that time.

Well, Kajal has finally revealed that she would prefer marrying someone who doesn’t belong to the film industry. “Marrying someone who is from outside the industry is what I am looking for. I will be announcing very soon my plans. I think there is still time for what,” said the actor.

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