Ram Charan Shared A Video Of Janasena

By - January 25, 2019 - 06:27 PM IST

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The Janasena party which is very active in social media has released a considerable number of songs and dedicated videos till now. Today, On the eve of 70th Republic day, the party has released a new song. It was posted by Mega power star Ram Charan on his Facebook wall.

The song titled "Okadochhadu" has a nice blend of music and lyrics. The song says "A person has come to enlighten the society and to do ethical politics." The way the Janasena party is moving forward is appreciable in terms of creative promotions. Recently, The election commission has given 'Glass tumbler' as the party symbol.

Looks like, The Mega family is ready to give their helping hand to Janasenani Pawan Kalyan. Mega brother Naga Babu is already criticising the opposition parties of AP in his own style and now Ram Charan sharing this song in his Facebook signals a positive atmosphere.

In near future, If all goes well, The Mega heroes may even campaign for AP general elections in support of Janasena party !!

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