Bikini Leak: Hansika's Hiccups

By - January 29, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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Hansika Motwani’s name is now making headlines because of her leaked Bikini photos, but the actress recently condemned and said she never did any publicity stunt. But the actress created lots of confusion with her recent statement about ‘Hansika Leak’ episode.

Netizens trolling Hansika loudly and widely and saying, ‘Hansika herself leaked her photos but after it became a hot topic she herself condemning it’. But the actress didn’t agree with them. In a recent interview, Hansika clarified that the photos which were leaked are old photos and some of them are not original. ‘Some culprits intentionally circulating morphed photos, which are looking like me’ the actress concluded.

But, why Hansika cannot dare to lodge a complaint against unknown culprits? She only knows the answer. But she is saying, ‘god is there, he will give the right punishment’, which is also creating lots of confusion.

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