Baahubali's 'Celebration Uncle' In Discussion

By - February 02, 2019 - 12:30 PM IST

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1500 Cr plus collections for Baahubali is not at all just a magic and it is more than that. Baahubali (The Beginning and The Conclusion) is an epic in Indian cinema history; no one can dare to contradict with it.

Coming to the point, Baahubali is now making again headlines for an interesting reason. On the of the Baahubali movie lovers from Japan is in search of a character called ‘Celebration Uncle’. In the film Baahubali, when Mahendra Baahubali left out from his Rajasoudham and preparing to join with people as a common man, one old man from the people of Maahishmati Samrajyam welcomed their leader. For the old man details, above said Japan lover approached the Baahubali team through social media.

What a magical moment it is. Without wasting time, Baahubali team revealed the actor’s name as Harischandra. The Japan fan felt happy and said, he has plans to come Hyderabad and meet Baahubali team. This is the magic, which was created by Jakkanna with Baahubali.

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