Expensive Film Facing Hiccups

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Tamil Director Shankar is known for his perfection and vision of technical brilliance. But his recent films I (with Vikram) and 2 Point 0 (with Rajinikanth) have failed to match the expectations.

2 Point 0 made with almost 500 Cr and it is the first film in the south in terms of budget. Though the film got some appreciations for its technical values, the heavy budget turned out to be a cost failure and resulted from heavy losses for distributors and exhibitors. Even after 2Point0 result, Shankar hasn’t changed. Here is the proof for that. Shankar opted for re-shooting with his next flick Indian 2 recently. 

As the film’s shooting started recently in Pollachi where the unit prepared a huge set, it was not liked by director Shankar. After one week’s shooting, Shankar ordered producer to repair the set, and thus it resulted in a long interval for the shoot. As usual, the producer was shocked by Shankar’s decision, but he has no way, sources said. However, with Shankar’s effect, the first schedule’s budget got doubled. 

If this was repeated again and again, what will be the producer’s situation? God only knows.

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