Attack On Rajasekhar's Brother; Jeevitha Files Police Case

By - February 04, 2019 - 08:13 PM IST

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While Tollywood actor Rajasekhar is celebrating his 57th Birthday on Monday, his wife Jeevitha has approached Police officials to file a complaint on a person named Kaushik.

Going into details, the veteran actress Jeevitha filed a complaint with Banjara Hills ACP, saying that her family member was attacked by a guy named Kaushik and also submitted the recorded CC footage as essential proof for the attack. It is learnt from our media sources that Jeevitha had an altercation with Kaushik regarding car parking at a diamond showroom.

The CC footage at Gunasekhar Diamond Showroom at Banjara Hills Road No:45 has reportedly covered the visuals of Kaushik threatening and attacking Rajasekhar's brother Gunasekhar over a car-parking issue. Speaking after filing the complaint, Jeevitha said: "Rajasekhar's brother Gunasekhar runs a diamond store and an unidentified person has parked his car in the showroom on Saturday evening. While he came back, Gunasekhar asked him why he did park his car there. 

Then he quickly began to hit him with legs, trashed him back and blue and also verbally attacked him." While the police officials are currently investigating into the case, some TV reports indicate that Kaushik (Kaushik Reddy) is the brother of Telangana PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy.

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