TDP Recruits Star Filmmakers, But Why?

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With general elections just around the corner, all the political parties in Andhra Pradesh are busy finalizing the MLA and MP candidates. Election season is not just the 'busy period' for politicians, but it also is a hectic time for some film technicians.

The election season generally creates some fresh jobs for directors, editors, artists and other technicians. While some of them are sculpting political films (biopics) to influence the voters ahead of polls, a section of directors is gearing up to make ads for political parties. Going by our latest reports from the Film Nagar, noted directors like Koratala Siva, Boyapati Srinu and Ravi Babu are directing TV ads for Telugu Desam Party, led by Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

During the 2014 polls, two political opponents TDP and YSR Congress Party had a major battle on TV with their advertisements and now the ads are expected to target the netizens too. So, the star directors are said to be picturing short clips to gain the voter's attention on video sharing website like YouTube, social media sites Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.

And wait, these star directors were reportedly offered a hefty remuneration to craft some interesting and attractive TV ads. So, this way, some filmmakers are cashing in on the election.

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